We life in a strange period of time.

Two madmen are trying to bring the world every day closer to a nuclear war. A narcissistic ego fights with a midget ego, being the latter even more dangerous than the first one. They are however not replacing the two grumpy guys on the balcony of the Muppetshow, those muppets are real stuff. Should we be worried?

Of course but not to the extent that it blinds us for the huge wave of positive energy and change that flows over the world.

Whether we call it awakening, the rise of higher consciousness or the evolution of true freedom, we are getting closer to a paradigm shift; a new, honest and connected world based on a total new set of different values. Many people already dedicate their time towards this splendid and unstoppable development. Many platforms on the internet are spreading the “message”.

I´m following many of those websites and for sure it brought me, and still brings me great insights and inspiration. However I also quite often not feel myself very comfortable with their approach. To often I see the ego mistake of creating new enemies and new separation (what the ego wants). We – “the good awakened guys” against the global elite, the cabal, the conspiracy makers etc. etc. that control and manipulate everything to control us. I do not deny that this indeed might happen (and that we are programmed is a fact!), but would prefer not to focus on enemy thinking and lose an enormous amount of negative energy on it.

It is in my opinion not the right way forward, nor is it a convincing message for the public at large. If it exist, it will dissolve, as a result of the paradigm shift. That is where soulsforfreedom.org finds its niche in the overwhelming world of change makers.

We focus only on positive energy. We life in an incredible age were the technical evolution gives us enormous possibilities to speed up our long overdue emotional and spiritual evolution, instead of just seeking more material wealth. It is this evolution of true freedom we want to inspire. Whether the mad muppets like it or not.

Ron Haarman

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